Ninja +Positive Breathwork 1:1 Online Experience [Single]

Suggested Price: £57.00

An online 2-hour Ninja +Positive Breathwork experience for individuals requiring a safe space away from the standard group breathwork sessions.

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Ninja +Positive Breathwork (+PB) Personal Online 1-to-1 Single Session Experience


This +PB experience comprises a single one-to-one session between you and me. This session is a superb option if you are unsure about sitting in a group breathwork experience with other participants.


Ninja +Positive Breathwork is a breathing experience following the NeuroDynamic™ school of Breathwork methods.

As a fully trained and certified NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ Facilitator I aid participants in connecting deeply with their personal inner guiding intelligence (unveiled self).

All Ninja Breathwork experiences focus intensely on creating safe, nurturing spaces enabling each participant to express fully and securely.

Each Ninja Breathwork experience lasts for approximately 2 hours. The online sessions are hosted using the Zoom conferencing software.

Additional breathwork information is available on the Breathwork pages.

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