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LifePath Ninja Meaning Of Life Empowerment

We were not born to serve, we were born to explore and experience a world of wonder.

Become a LifePath™ Ninja and take the path from Low Self-esteem, Procrastination and Low Self-love to an exceptional empowered life.

How will you recreate yourself once you have the Meaning Of Life to work from?

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lifebook self-actualisation

Your consciousness is growing, you are unsettled by a sense that life can be better.

You've taken courses, you've been motivated to change, but it still isn't happening.

Then this is your answer - a dedicated instruction manual for your life, designed by you and meeting every criteria that you could ever wish for.

It's as if someone knew your deepest desires and put them into a plan for action. They do, and it's You!

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Life Ninja Dojo

This is a dedicated training container designed to stretch the edges of limiting beliefs, bioenergetic blockages, self and social delusions, self talk, and more.

Step into the Dojo for a thorough existential expanded consciousness workout. This is not a place for the absolute beginner.

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Personal Coaching

When the thought of joining a programme with others is just too much, or you just don't know where to begin or even what is wrong, it may be you need personal time one-on-one to discover your starting point from which to build the rest of your life.

Individual coaching sessions are perfect for this, allowing us to create powerful connections and safe self-discovery containers.

Client Testimonials

LifePath Ninja's In The Making

The quality of work was exceptional ... provided accurate explanations of terms and paid meticulous attention to detail.

- Margaret

I had a 55 minute coaching session with Dave. I'm so glad I made time for it. It put my life into perspective. I now know that I am exactly where I'm meant to be. And I feel empowered to choose my next step consciously rather than haphazardly.

- Habib

Dave, you are exceptional! Thank you sooo very much! 😊 I'm waiting for my billing! ☺️Have a nice night!

- Isidora