Assisting Neglected Codependents, Introverts, ACoPMI & Soul Seekers

Welcome to your fullest potential.

Hi, I'm Dave Harper,
your Life Ninja Assistant
and Holistic Wellbeing Ontology Coach.

Welcome to your fullest potential.

Hi, I'm Dave Harper,
your Life Ninja Assistant
and Holistic Wellbeing Ontology Coach.


Who Do I Help?

From my personal LifePath traumas, I have lived experience and direct awareness of the difficulties faced by you if you identify with the following symptoms:

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ACoPMI - Adult Children Of Parents with Mental Illness

I was a Child of a Parent with Mental Illness, something that had significant effect on the first 25 years of my life, and something until recently had caused ongoing, subtle and unrecognised trauma in my life. Coming through, and continuing to explore the repercussions of this is an empowering journey. I now understand the powerful teachings provided by this difficult upbringing. I can help you.


Thankfully the stigma attached to being an introvert is much less in today's society, but I experienced many years of frustration and sadness that I could not be as outgoing and engaging as, seemingly, all my friends were. I fully understand my unique capabilities now and how to use them effectively. I can help you.

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Resulting from the CoPMI experience, I experienced significant but unrecognised defensive mechanisms commonly referred to as that of a Neglected CoDependent. This was a trauma of omission in my particular case which led to difficult relationships throughout my life. I now recognise that my codependency is the core of my Life Ninja superpower. I can help you.


WHY is my life so difficult? This was a question I pursued an answer to for many years, delving into the teachings of many world faiths and spiritual lineages. When the answer wasn't there, I felt lost, alone, unable to fit in. Through determination and sheer bloody-mindedness I found the answer. I can help you.

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How Do I Help?

Below are some of the core Life Ninja practices, but I recognise that everyone is a unique individual so please contact me if you prefer to craft a bespoke coaching package to meet your specific life path requirements.

Life Ninja Brain Gym

Build your three critical mental fitness muscles over 6 weeks to shift the balance of power from your inner Saboteurs to your inner Ninja Sage.

As a PQ Coach® I am proud to offer you this foundational programme from Positive Intelligence® to boost your mental muscles and intercept your saboteurs.

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Ninja +PB Positive Breathwork Experience

An online or in-person 2-hour Ninja +Positive Breathwork experience for individuals requiring a safe space away from the standard group breathwork sessions.

As a fully trained and certified NeuroDynamic Breathwork™ Facilitator I provide a safe space to help you in connect deeply with your personal inner guiding intelligence (your unveiled self).

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Life Ninja Book of Life 

Craft this most amazing book of 12 unique chapters describing your deepest desires. Within this unique 6 week programme you will craft a book all about you and discover who you really are.

As a fully trained and certified Lifebook Leader I work with you throughout this transformational lifestyle design system to create the most important book you will ever own!

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Ninja 1-2-1 Coaching Session

A unique and bespoke coaching session where you begin to explore the layers that have overlaid your holistic wellness blueprint and allow you to create a lifepath to clearing past trauma and expanding your deep spiritual connection to your unveiled self.

As a fully trained and certified Life Path, Life Story & Spiritual Coach I work with you to discover your true life purpose and the ultimate Meaning Of Life.

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Are We A Good Fit?

As an Ontology (Meaning of Life) Coach I know I have chosen to come and explore this physical reality as a way to enrich my soul journey. This physical reality therefore provides a rich variety of progressive experiences, which we may label as good or bad, but each in reality have an equal weight of experience. Life happens for us not to us.

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" I believe that medicine, physics, law, government, education, economics, engineering, business, industry, are only tools -- powerful tools, powerful means -- but not ends. I think that the ultimate end to which they should all be bent is human fulfillment, human betterment, growth and happiness. "

- Abraham Maslow,TOWARD A HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY.” ETC: A Review of General Semantics, vol. 14, no. 1, 1956, pp. 10–22.

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Your Free Discovery Session


The life you want to lead is there waiting for you. Taking the first steps on your new LifePath™ is daunting, that's why our first contact is free.

Book an online introductory discovery session now and see how much more life has to give. This is not a veiled sales call - let's both see if we are a right match for one another, and if not I may be able to give you some alternatives to achieve the life you are meant to live.

* booking page at Tidycal

Still Unsure?


* booking page at Tidycal

When You’re Ready…

I help you discover your Life Purpose and the Meaning of Life.

I Help You…

Ground your life within the greater awareness of existence.

I Help You…

Stretch your understanding of life and existence.

I Help You…

Connect with a more pure understanding of your true holistic and higher self.

I Help Your Empowerment…

to achieve meaningful progress towards your life goals.

I Help You…

Step outside of the restrictive boxes of social conditioning.


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Some Common Questions

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