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Offering Resilience Assistance for COPMI, Neglected Codependents,
& Soul Seekers

It's time to open doors to your fullest potential.

Do you feel Stuck, Adrift, Lost in Love or Life?

Hi, I'm Dave Harper, your Life Assistant and Coach.


There are two effective reasons to employ me as your Life Coach:

  • PAIN

    You have suffered enough PAIN in life and have decided enough is enough, it's time to do something about it. You want that good life that others seem to have which eludes you. This is an effective reason which I can help you with if we are a good fit.


    You want MORE from life but don't know how to get it. You're unsatisfied, your goals haven't worked out, or you just don't know where to start - but the desire to progress is burning inside you. This is an effective reason which I can help you with if we are a good fit.

" Between the pain and the reward is a beautiful horizon of opportunity for unlimited growth. "

Are We A Good Fit?

We are thankfully blessed with thousands of life coaches helping individuals achieve purposeful lives. Each of us brings our own unique perspectives to what we offer. If my perspective inspires you or matches with your own, then we are likely a good fit and I can assist your progress in your life and soul purpose.

My ‘Life Ninja’ Perspective

We have chosen to come and explore this physical reality as a way to enrich our soul journey. This physical reality therefore provides a rich variety of progressive experiences, which we may label as good or bad, but each in reality have an equal weight of experience. Life happens for us not to us.

I assist you in exploring this life effectively, making the most of the experiences (tools) available for your soul progression, breaking down the barrage of disempowering Doings that are promulgated by unenlightened social influences and peer pressure. As we train in the nuances of this life we emerge as Life Ninjas - masters of our own LifePath.

  • Our Being: through our soul connection our Being holds the holistic blueprint of wholeness that is the core of our original essence. We chose to come and explore this physical reality as a way to enrich our soul journey, and we do this best by aligning to, and enhancing, our Being. I help you clarify your soul purpose and expand your Being.
  • Our Doing: is our toolkit. This physical reality offers a rich variety of experiences to explore our self as a separate individual entity. These experiences are our toolkit and they represent the Doings of life. Most people live their entire lives completely submerged in their Doings. I help you master your Doings and align them with your Being.

Our journey together will lead to peace, calmness, harmony with the rhythms of life, curiosity, exploration of a rich landscape of opportunity, contentment and joy. Together we will discover how the Meaning Of Life works to enhance the individuality of our unique Soul.

In our coaching sessions we will explore your specific circumstances and life vision from the perspective of The Great ISM, a pragmatic answer to The Meaning of Life applicable to all progressive beings.

" I believe that medicine, physics, law, government, education, economics, engineering, business, industry, are only tools -- powerful tools, powerful means -- but not ends. I think that the ultimate end to which they should all be bent is human fulfillment, human betterment, growth and happiness. "

- Abraham Maslow,TOWARD A HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY.” ETC: A Review of General Semantics, vol. 14, no. 1, 1956, pp. 10–22.

Who Do I Help?

Our most pressing and urgent problems today are problems arising out of human weaknesses -- sorrow, greed, exploitation, prejudice, contempt, cowardice, stupidity, jealousy, selfishness. These are all human sicknesses. "

- Abraham Maslow, ibid. 1956

It is frowned upon in the coaching industry to 'help everyone', yet we can see clearly that very little collective progress has been made since Maslow's recognition of human sicknesses in 1956. Becoming a Life Ninja addresses these sicknesses. If you are seeking a resolution to your PAIN, or progress towards your REWARD, and our PERSPECTIVES match, then I can assist you.

Additionally, from my personal LifePath traumas, I have lived experience and direct awareness of the difficulties faced by you if you identify with the following symptoms:

CoPMI - Children Of Parents with Mental Illness

I was a Child of a Parent with Mental Illness, something that had significant effect on the first 25 years of my life, and something until recently had caused ongoing, subtle and unrecognised trauma in my life. Coming through, and continuing to explore the repercussions of this is an empowering journey. I now understand the powerful teachings provided by this difficult upbringing. I can help you.


Thankfully the stigma attached to being an introvert is much less in today's society, but I experienced many years of frustration and sadness that I could not be as outgoing and engaging as, seemingly, all my friends were. I fully understand my unique capabilities now and how to use them effectively. I can help you.


Resulting from the CoPMI experience, I experienced significant but unrecognised defensive mechanisms commonly referred to as that of a Neglected CoDependent. This was a trauma of omission in my particular case which led to difficult relationships throughout my life. I now recognise that my codependency is the core of my Life Ninja superpower. I can help you.


WHY is my life so difficult? This was a question I pursued an answer to for many years, delving into the teachings of many world faiths and spiritual lineages. When the answer wasn't there, I felt lost, alone, unable to fit in. Through determination and sheer bloody-mindedness I found the answer. I can help you.

Maybe you feel you've paid your dues but are still waiting for the goods to arrive? Are your relationships frustrating, your decisions difficult, no-one understands you? If you feel that any of these describe your life, or you have a more personal situation, know that we are only a conversation away from discovering the opportunities hidden within our human condition.

Hi, I'm Dave Harper your Life Assistant, and together we can bring sense, purpose and direction to your life.

I like to think of myself as contentedly neurodivergent in a largely neurotypical society. This means I think differently to most people. Intentionally. I'm sick of the state of the world and I know that 'neurotypical' thinking is not solving anything - it's time to seriously think outside the box.

I'm ready for the next phase of humanity. If you're also ready, we will work together to expand your awareness of what is holding us back. Using a unique and exceptional blended toolset we will discover your Life Purpose and the Meaning Of Life through in-depth exploration of your individuality.

Others may call this your Soul Purpose or Soul Consciousness, but I know this to be your own Life Ninja!

Here's A Free Discovery Welcome Session


The life you want to lead is there waiting for you. Taking the first steps on your new LifePath™ is daunting, that's why our first contact is free.

Book an online introductory discovery session now and see how much more life has to give. This is not a veiled sales call - let's both see if we are a right match for one another, and if not I may be able to give you some alternatives to achieve the life you are meant to live.

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Still Unsure?


* booking page at Calendly

When You’re Ready…

I help you discover your Life Purpose and the Meaning of Life.

I Help You…

Ground your life within the greater awareness of existence.

I Help You…

Stretch your understanding of life and existence.

I Help You…

Connect with a more pure understanding of your true holistic and higher self.

I Help Your Empowerment…

to achieve meaningful progress towards your life goals.

I Help You…

Step outside of the restrictive boxes of social conditioning.


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