Life Ninja 1-2-1

Suggested Price: £42.00

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The Life Ninja One-to-One is a face-to-face (online) private coaching session where we explore your life purpose and fully realise the meaning of life.

In our One-to-One session we begin with whichever issue is primary in your consciousness, or you choose a specific topic to delve into. We build upon that issue to release any limiting beliefs (veils) placed upon us by social and personal pressures to free our higher consciousness to act more fully in our life and allow us to fulfil our true potential.



Name Your Price

I am a conscientious believer in the need for humanity to improve its collective vibrational level to achieve higher consciousness living and physical life experiences. All humans have the ability to improve and a capitalistic system should not be a barrier to greater human progress. As such, I ask you to please pay the requested price for my coaching and life assistance services, however, if you are seriously struggling financially and cannot pay the full suggested price then I provide the option to name your price for our session. Honestly, integrity and authenticity are key components of all conscious progression.