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Welcome to New Life Ninja, where new LifePath™ Ninja's are born. New Life Ninja is my Meaning Of Life life-coaching website where you will find unique information about these services that radically create important life changes:

  • LifePath™ Ninja Mastery Programme
  • Ninja Stepping Stones to Life Purpose
  • Ninja Life Story Crafting with NLP & CBT
  • Ninja Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy
  • the Lifebook Premium Lifestyle Design System, and
  • Holistic Person-Centered Counselling & Coaching

Each service has a page of its own giving more detailed descriptions of the topics covered in that course.

If you are ready to remove limiting beliefs, upgrade your self-esteem, smash procrastination for ever, and gain super personal powers, then get in touch and you can be the next LifePath™ Ninja!


Why Ninja?

Ninja's are Grand Masters in the art of Ninjutsu (and they're cool).

The original teachings of Ninjutsu were developed through an experiential knowledge of combat methods, human psychology and cultural patterns, and the workings of natural phenomena and a personal closeness with nature.

One important purpose in the study of Ninjutsu is to cultivate an awareness of ki-ai, or allowing yourself to come into harmony with the "scheme of totality." The student of Ninjutsu should become a totally natural being.

By studying the relationships of these elements in nature, the Ninja learns how to become a more natural and balanced being, more conscious of personal power and responsibilities in the stream of life. To the Ninja, these elements also represent human life.

- The Philosophy of Ninjutsu


Why LifePath?

LifePath™ is a unique component of New Life Ninja Personal Empowerment Coaching.

We all have an individual LifePath™ that we have journeyed along since before birth. Our LifePath™ has created memories in our psyche that helps or hinders our future progress.

LifePath™ Ninja Empowerment coaching identifies and releases important energy from past junctions in our LifePath™ as well as making us mindfully aware of events to come that are potential LifePath™ moments. By identifying these LifePath™ moments we can powerfully decide which path or action to take that best fulfills our life vision.

Building our LifePath™ upon the Meaning Of Life enables us to make the fullest possible use of our time in this physical existence.  Together, your LifePath™ and the Meaning Of Life make an unbeatable combination for an abundantly happy life.






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