phone showing augmented reality street

Does your AUGMENTED Inner Demon live in the PRL2 Metaverse?

I’m a strong advocate for PRL2 (Physical Reality Life 2.0) (my term) which is what will happen once we integrate Augmented Reality (AR) into our daily life.

Adding wearable, non-obtrusive AR devices, first as digital glasses (ala Google Glass) and later as contact lenses is going to create a level of reality that 10x’s our human capabilities for communication, connection, knowledge recall, personal administration, and ‘effectiveness’ (I single quote this as the term is subjective and relatively meaningless in a higher-consciousness sense).

phone showing augmented reality street
PRL2 – Physical Reality Life 2.0

It hit me today while watching the Web3/Metaverse chat with Mark Zuckerberg on youtube that in a VR/AR space we will begin representing ourselves and interacting in avatar form on a regular daily basis.

I’m not a fan of running around shooting people in the head therefore I haven’t been drawn into the whole Fortnite game arena, but you may be aware of the significant amount of character avatars that can be chosen (see youtube).

An augmented reality life introduces the opportunity to ‘skin’ ourselves as we go about our daily tasks. You could be having a team meeting with Batman, Fate, Naruto or any personalised avatar a person can imagine.

So how does this relate to the Meaning Of Life?

Once we are given this greater freedom to express our inner self, our inner child to a large degree, whether that be our inner angel or inner demon, we have the capability to artistic representation unheard of to date.

So far we attempt to express our connection or disassociation with others in society through the range of clothing we buy, but clothing is limited by materials and manufacturing/distribution costs. In the Metaverse, these overheads disappear and we gain true freedom of expression.

And we gain a ‘mask’ if we wish it, something to hide behind.

Each of these characters that we choose to skin ourselves with already exists within us, and in PRL2 we have the opportunity to let them live. Exposing these inner personalities goes a long way to finding our true self, and a big step forward in discovering our Meaning Of Life.

Bring it on!

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