Life Story – is your Deepest Fear your greatest protagonist

Our Deepest Fear is a story that speaks deeply to me. Somehow I always felt I needed to limit who I really was, to allow others the space to express themselves without me appearing weird or overbearing. It’s a fear of being ostracised from ‘the group’, but one I had to accept for me to step into my Individuality and accept my unique brilliance, talents, and fabulousness.

For all of us to step fully into our own brilliance, talents, and fabulousness will take an adjustment of social standards – but this doesn’t happen by ‘them’ changing the system, it happens by us individually accepting our own individual uniqueness and allowing others the space to be theirs.

Our culture is one of duality, of dichotomy, of us-or-them, a culture that is not conducive to the acceptance of individuality in its full expressiveness. We do not favour differences, we do not embody gratitude for others expressing their uniqueness, especially if it causes us annoyance or intrusion – even mildly.

But there is truth in Your playing small does not serve the world. So the question that steps forth is, how do we play big and serve the world without causing others distress, fear, limitation, or oppression? How do we gain the personal power to just be the best we can be?

We do it by giving others the permission to let their own light shine. And this is indeed much harder than it sounds because it repeatedly triggers our ego defences, our self-serving ‘stories’ that cause us to lash out, to close down, to blame, to complain.

If we truly want a better world, a healthier planet, a happier life, then we begin by rewriting our own stories. What will yours say?

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