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What Would Your Ideal Ninja Day Look Like?

I have just spent some profitable and enjoyable time with my Lifebook Premium friends. We attended the excellent free workshop (for subscribers) by Donald McAvinchey titled “The secret life of money: Listening to Money’s Spiritual Messages in our lives“.

We discussed our relationship with wealth, and what an ideal day would look like for us. Defining our ideal day is an important part of reconfiguring our psyche to attract abundance to our life, and we could all do with some extra abundance, right?

Lifebook Premium helps us build our vision, not only of our ideal day but also for our ideal life vision. If anyone would like to join me in clarifying, defining, and building their ideal life vision, in all 12 important categories of life, please look into LifeBook Premium here.

But now, my personal ideal Ninja day. Why not join the conversation and share yours with our Ninja Tribe (link below)…

I have awakened after a spiritually fulfilling dream, inspired and contemplative.

I leave the bed, in comfortable pyjamas, and move to the kitchen for a fresh coffee, bagels, or toast.

Sitting in my living room bay window, I observe the birds feeding on the tree outside, watching the foxes and badgers coming to snuffle for food while I enjoy breakfast.

As I sit, I am struck by an inspiring idea for a topic that I can share with the world that will help empower them to master their lives and live with greater abundance. The article comes together beautifully, naturally, from the heart, but contains inspiring, significant, pragmatic, actionable benefits for its readers.

I already have a studio set up, so while inspiration floods my spirit and body with energy, I step in front of the camera and record the essence of the idea for those that learn better through watching and listening rather than reading.

I file these writings and videos away for revision later in the day.

Now it’s time for second breakfast and an opportunity for a zoom meeting with friends to talk about our spiritual wealth and how we can most effectively share it with the world for their greater benefit. These people during this morning session are an energetic tribe of amazing individuals, and as a group we are all giving of ourselves and constantly striving to find better ways to help humanity.

After lunch, I have a zoom conference, workshop, or masterclass scheduled, and I have the opportunity of sharing wisdom with other amazing people, giving of my experiences and absorbing theirs.

Late afternoon and early evening is spent editing and refining an earlier article or video, ensuring it is ready for the wider public. I then pass these on to my VA media team for distribution across the various appropriate social networks to allow the widest possible audience to benefit from them.

Late evening is spent sitting with friends, family, and loved ones; just relaxing and sharing our day, playing games, playing music or singing, telling stories and meditations. As the darkness descends, the crackling fire keeps warmth and light spirit around us as our bodies transition into imagination, possibilities, and dreams.

We drift away to our own spaces naturally, re-entering the dream world and allowing our spirit to receive its next tutorial for progressive growth.

For comments and in-depth discussion, and to share your own ideal days, join the Tribe.

For information on Lifebook Premium, take a look here.

With Gratitude,

Ninja Dave