Lifepath Ninja Mastery

your Ultimate Lifestyle Empowerment Programme

I'm passionate about one thing... Your success

My LifePath™ Ninja Mastery for Complete Lifestyle Empowerment Coaching package aims to give you ultimate and total control over the way you live your life.

On completion of these packages you will emerge as a LifePath™ Ninja ready to make powerful, decisive, fearless decisions in your life to achieve your goals and life vision.

You were not born to serve, you were born to create experiences and your own existence.

Lifepath Ninja Mastery

Become a LifePath™ Ninja, discover your Life Purpose and fulfil your LifePath™ Ninja journey. With this combined New Life Ninja Coaching Package you gain the combined exceptional life of clarity, purpose and empowerment from all other LifePath™ Ninja courses packaged together into one progressive programme.

For anyone that seriously wants to know Why?

With the LifePath™ Ninja Mastery programme you will gain an understanding of existence, an answer to why we are here, giving you mastery over your life, business clarity, an opportunity to discover your true LifePath™ and solidify your confidence, enhance your abilities, remove uncertainty, anxiety and imposter syndrome, leaving you exposed to the unfiltered energy of your being.

This is an Enlightenment programme, designed to give you a bigger-picture answer to life, the universe and everything.

You were not born to serve, you were born to explore and experience a world of wonder.

For seriously progressive humans only!

LifePath™ Ninja Coaching Modules

A key benefit of the LifePath™ Ninja course is its use of Disjointed Learning Theory.

As such, you will be exposed to various ideas that you may already agree with, some you disagree with, and others that may be far outside your current belief systems. My intent is NOT to make you believe what I believe, but to introduce a source of tools that help you uncover your own empowering beliefs and experiences to help you progress towards your own extraordinary life.

The course itself will use a backpacking analogy, as we prepare to take a new and exciting journey ensuring we have everything we need for a successful and extraordinary experience.

In this section we will begin dreaming, envisioning our journey. We will look at the stages of our new LifePath™ together and decide the process we are going to follow to achieve our new life.

  • Welcome to LifePath Ninja
  • Science, Psychology, Parapsychology, Spirituality, Self-Experience
  • Backpacking in the Back Woods
  • What is Personal Power
  • Awareness of Conditioning
  • Review
  • The Gate

In this section we will look at our packing information and use it to determine whether we are ready to become the Ninja that our LifePath™ leads to.

  • Why Me?
  • Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change
  • Purpose or Career?
  • Overcoming Life Influences – Vision
  • Power Of Now
  • Journaling
  • Fear is the way

Here we will begin putting our equipment in our journey bag. Because we are down-sizing into a backpack we only have a limited capacity to carry things with us. Now is the time to select which tools we are taking with us on this journey.

  • Personality Profile
  • Enneagram
  • Positive Intelligence
  • Learning Styles
  • Sparketype
  • Astrology
  • 5 Stage Life Story
  • Life Position
  • Meditation / Gratitude / Mindfulness

Here we do some final checks to make sure we are fully prepared to start our new LifePath™ journey and create a new Life Story.

  • Personality Types
  • Learning Styles
  • Done Beats Perfect Every Time
  • Actions, ReActions
  • 11 Characteristics of Emotional Fitness

We’re off. It’s time to get some action started, get stuck in and begin our new LifePath™ .

  • Organising the Mind
  • Organising the Body
  • First Steps
  • Creating Momentum
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Developing Personal Power
  • 12 Category Life
  • Goal Setting
  • Self Trust
  • Reward Systems
  • Morning Bliss Routine

We’re living the LifePath™ now, doing what needs to be done, creating new life story memories, embedding new habits, taking small steps, feeling the fear and keeping on.

  • Maintaining Energy
  • Repeat, Review, Revise – 21 day programme
  • Adjust, Goal Checks, Goal Set, go to #1
  • Deep Work, Fractured Time
  • Grow the person to meet the goal
  • What money buys
  • Morning Bliss Routine

You’ve come to the end of the LifePath™ Ninja course, but your journey hasn’t finished.

  • Closing Words
  • Freebies, gifts and special offers


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