After Your Ninja +Positive Breathwork

Your Ninja +Positive Breathwork experience continues its integration after your session finishes. The information below will help you continue the benefits of your session and help strengthen your connection to your inner guiding intelligence and leave you ready for your next Ninja +Positive Breathwork session.

Integrating Your Experience

Integration Is Your GIFT to Yourself

Your Ninja +Positive Breathwork experience is a portal to your inner guiding intelligence, but the process keeps working after the session ends.

To get maximum benefit from your breathwork journey it is important to devote some time and space to your inner journey. This process is 'integration' and it is your opportunity to gift yourself the important attention to fully experience your inner world.

Take time now, after your breathwork session, to let yourself experience your Being and put your Doing on hold for a while.

If you need additional integration support, please get in touch and we can book a support session together.

Namaste, Dave H - The Life Ninja

If you prefer this information as a PDF document, please click here: Integration Suggestions


1. Be Gentle With Yourself, especially for the first few days...

  • Allow for greater sensitivity, openness and vulnerability
  • Allow extra time for self-nurturing
  • Allow yourself to be with whatever emotions and feelings arise
  • Re-enter your normal life and activities slowly and mindfully

2. Practice Self-Care and Self Nurturing...

  • Get adequate rest and sleep
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat nourishing foods
  • Nurture your body (i.e. massage, bath)
  • Exercise gently (i.e. walking, stretching, yoga)
  • Spend time in nature
  • Give yourself quiet time, “down” time, and time for reflection

3. Continue to Stay with and Work with Your Inner Process...

  • Pay attention to any “material” surfacing from your psyche
  • Attend to and work with your dreams
  • Write/journal
  • Draw mandalas and/or do other forms or artwork
  • Put on music and allow your body to move/dance spontaneously and authentically

4. Share Your Process/Experience with Someone You Trust...

  • If it feels right to you (and your breathwork partner if you had one), contact your “sitter” or an understanding friend within a few days to check-in with each other, this will help validate your experience
  • If you are currently working with a therapist, make an appointment to share your breathwork experience and mandala, as well as your process since the workshop
  • Attend your regular support groups
  • Use discretion regarding whom you discuss your experience; avoid sharing with those who would attempt to discount or invalidate your experience

5. Avoid Making Important, Abrupt, or Rash Decisions...

  • Wait at least a week before making any important life decisions (longer if they are major!) - your realisations in expanded consciousness may not be immediately practical in everyday reality
  • Dialogue with someone you trust about decisions you are considering and ask for objective feedback.

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