How To Recognise if You Live a 1st Gear Life?

When did you last think seriously about the Meaning Of Life?

OK, I get it, so when did you last think at all about the Meaning Of Life?

Accepting that the Meaning Of Life actually exists is something that we have been trained not to do. Instead we have been led to believe that no answer can be found for this most fundamental question about our existence and our time on this planet.

Not only is this question vital to us finding our purpose in life, it also lets us plan our vision for life so that we can at the very least begin enjoying the benefits of our time here on this planet while incurring credits for our experiences.

The supposed benefits of accepting that an answer to the Meaning Of Life cannot be found is that we can forget about even searching for one, which is a great relief as it takes an enormous amount of mental thinkology to contemplate such a large, seemingly impossible conundrum.

However, avoiding this question is like living in automatic-mode, accepting that the entirety of life is encompassed within the speed limits of 0 – 20 mph. To live life never going beyond 20mph seems OK to those who cannot see beyond 20mph, but for anyone that has managed to surpass that speed limit the thought of life being condensed into the lower speed range seems incredible and absurd.

In this masterclass we look into accepting the Meaning Of Life using the allegory of driving.

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