Inaugural caffeine and blueberry waffles

If there is one sure fire way of guaranteeing the success of any new venture, the ultimate resolution of any new project, it arguably cannot get better than starting with a delicious cup of oatly americano coffee, a moist vegan carrot and ginger slice, and a large plate of waffle topped with chocolate brownie chunks interspersed with fresh blueberries and squirty cream.

And with this the Inaugural Meeting of the Swiss Cottage Ninja’s began at the Brynmill Coffee House near Singleton Park in Swansea.

Despite the delicious tastes of the refreshments, it is the lasting exhilaration of contribution and companionship that we took away with us. That contribution to the world, even if the world is just three people, that contribution in a way that matters and allows us to feel like we matter. Contribution is about that deep knowing that we are doing the thing we are here to do, a sense of calling that is pulling us from ahead rather than pushing from behind. Even when we are out of our depth, scared, unsure, we have made that one small step that kindles the fire of greater community cohesion.

The Swiss Cottage Project has begun, with three energised souls and a couple of busy souls who were there in spirit but otherwise providing other community benefit at the time.

If you wish to be involved in future meetings, keep abreast of developments on the dedicated facebook page.