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Hey There,

I'm Dave Harper (MCMA), your Meaning of Life coach, Grief Counsellor, and Lifebook Leader dedicated to helping you discover who you truly are and what you really want in life. So let me ask:

You only have one life. There are no redos, no resets. This is it. Now, more than ever, is the best time to reevaluate every aspect of your life and take charge of your own happiness.

Turn Your Life Into A Living Masterpiece

Lifebook is a transformational lifestyle design system that empowers you to ENVISION, PLAN, and ACHIEVE your very best life (on your own terms).

Through an intuitive step-by-step process, you’ll discover who you really are and what you want in all 12 dimensions of your life - and design a personal action plan to make it happen.

Lifebook gives you the clarity, tools, and momentum you need to stop settling and dimming your light and to instead get into the driver’s seat of your life and turn it into a living masterpiece.


The Most Important Book You'll Ever Own


By the end of the Lifebook process you’ll own a 100-page book about you - created by you - that contains a crystal clear vision for the person you want to become and the life you want to live (beyond the cookie cutter goals imposed on you by society).

Every dream, every desire, every goal - everything that you really want to be or do - captured on the pages of your personal blueprint for life. Your Lifebook.

Your completed Lifebook will quickly become the most important book on your shelf. You’ll use it regularly to guide your actions and decisions as you work towards creating your dream life of authenticity, fulfillment, and perpetual growth.

Achieve Your Vision Of Success In
All 12 Dimensions Of Your Life

Most people only focus on improving their career, wealth, health, and relationships - but in reality there are many more areas of life that shape your success, happiness and true fulfilment.

Lifebook takes you on an eye-opening deep dive into all 12 dimensions of your life, and empowers you to thrive in each of them: without sacrificing or compromising one area for another.

12 categories

How Lifebook Transforms Your Life


You Get Clarity On Your Life Vision

You’ll create a beautiful, crystal-clear vision for your best life that inspires and propels you forward. You’ll get deeply in touch with who you are and discover exactly what you want in all 12 areas of your life. This will give you a clear decision-making framework for pursuing your most important goals - without wasting time on unnecessary distractions.


You Achieve Success In All 12 Areas Of Life

You’ll build a well balanced life where every dimension that’s important to you grows in harmony with the others. You’ll create a perfect work-life balance without feeling like you have to sacrifice, compromise or neglect any area of your life in order to achieve success in another. You’ll finally discover that it’s possible to have it all.


You Reclaim Control Over Your Life

You’ll experience a profound paradigm shift when you realise that your life is yours and that you are in full control of how it unfolds. You’ll stop living on autopilot and step into the driver's seat of your life. You’ll become your own guru and develop an inner strength and respectful disregard for other people’s ideas of success or expectations of you.


You Structure & Measure Your Personal Development

You’ll be able to unify all your personal growth learnings, strategies and tools into one system that adds structure to your growth and self-evolution. With one unified action plan for all 12 areas of your life you’ll know exactly what to focus on next without the overwhelm. You’ll use Lifebook Assessment to measure your progress and stay motivated to reach your goals.


You Navigate Life’s Difficult Transitions With Ease

You’ll find clear direction and even reinvent yourself in the face of challenging circumstances and life transitions like divorce, breakup, career change, health issues, spiritual crises, mid-life crisis, children leaving home, personal loss etc. You’ll also build unshakable inner power and resilience and overcome life’s unexpected challenges or roadblocks with ease.

What’s Included In Your Lifebook Premium Experience


Your Lifebook experience is hosted in a beautifully designed Lifebook App available anytime and anywhere on your desktop, mobile or tablet.

In this all-in-one platform you’ll be able to find your Lifebook program content (videos and editable templates), coaching support from your Lifebook Leader and your local & global Lifebook community that shares your journey.

Here's what you get in your package:


Lifebook 12 Category Training Videos

You’ll get access to beautifully filmed, high-end training videos (that are an absolute joy to watch) featuring the founder of Lifebook - Jon Butcher - guiding you through every step of the Lifebook process.

Each video focuses on one of the Lifebook categories and walks you through a powerful 4-step process of creating a compelling vision for that category.

Apart from Jon’s wisdom you’ll also get Community Wisdom sections in each training video - featuring paradigm-shifting breakthroughs and insights from a handpicked selection of Lifebook’s most successful students.

Lifebook 12 Category Templates

Breathe life into your personalized Lifebook with gorgeous, easy-to-use design templates for each of the 12 categories of life.

You’ll gain crystal-clarity on each dimension of your life by defining what you believe, what you want, why you want it, and how you’re going to achieve it. By capturing all your thoughts on these beautiful templates you’ll create your very own Lifebook.

You can also print your Lifebook, bind it, and display it on your bookshelf as a beautiful reminder of your path to extraordinary living.


Personalised Coaching With Lifebook Leader

In this Premium Lifebook experience you’ll have the support and guidance of your Lifebook Leader every step of the way.

Each week you’ll get on an exclusive, intimate LIVE coaching call with your Lifebook Leader to discuss your progress, answer your questions and create custom strategies to help you achieve your goals in each of the 12 Lifebook categories.

This is a priceless opportunity to connect with your Lifebook Leader on a heart-to-heart level. Many students consider it the highlight of their Lifebook experience that keeps them focused and motivated to stay on track.

Exclusive Lifebook Community & Events

You’ll begin your Lifebook journey with your local community and Lifebook Leader on the same day so you can support and uplift each other every step of the way.

You’ll be able to create your custom profile and add your location to easily connect with Lifebookers near you or around the world. You can also host or attend online events and real-life Lifebook meet-ups.

You are joining a global community of people on your exact same journey towards extraordinary living. So make friends, get help, and co-create with your Tribe in your private group.


Meet Lifebook Founders - Jon & Missy Butcher


Lifebook began with two people who refused to live an ordinary life. Jon and Missy Butcher are the inventors of Lifebook, but they’re not personal growth teachers. They are lovers, artists, entrepreneurs and adventurers who have designed a life most people might call impossible.

Jon & Missy founded 19 impact-driven companies and philanthropic organizations together. They are financially free. They enjoy a whirlwind romance, even after decades of marriage. They live in multiple countries a year, including the dream home they are building on a remote Hawaiian island. And they’re grandparents in their fifties - who look and feel a decade or two younger.

Every single aspect of Jon and Missy’s life appears to defy society’s expectations: not because they’re smarter, more gifted, or luckier than anyone else - but because they designed it that way with the Lifebook system.

Today, Jon and Missy’s mission is to spread Lifebook to at least one million people worldwide. And to keep reaching for the highest possible quality of life, while empowering others to do the same.

Meet Your Lifebook Leader - Dave Harper

Certified Grief Counsellor and Meaning Of Life Coach, Tribe leader for Emergence & Meaning, and Principal Coach at New Life Ninja, and fully insured Member of the Complementary Medical Association. I have dedicated my life to the search for the greatest meaning of all, the Meaning Of Life.

I'm Dave Harper (MCMA) and my purpose is to forge a path to help 10,000 seekers of meaning achieve emergence from limiting beliefs by mastering tools and practices to break the unconscious LifePath cycle.

Back in 2020 as we entered Covid Lockdown, I was a lost soul. Having spent many years meditating and discovering the deepest secrets of my self, of existence, I was still lost. I couldn't accept what all the spiritual teachers and guru's were telling me, which was to spend my life seeking ever deeper connection with my one-self, my greater consciousness, my non-duality. Through rationalism, logic, pragmatism and the archimedian point I was able to construct an answer to the Meaning Of Life that is completely holistic in nature, taking into account all aspects of physical and non-physical reality. All I then needed was a tool upon which to apply this knowledge.

On June 2nd 2020 I was given this tool, and it was Lifebook by Jon & Missy Butcher.

Lifebook literally changed my life. I had no vision for what I wanted from life, other than continued peace and tranquility. Lifebook took that rather vague idea for life and hewed it's edges in to a clearly defined vision, holistically covering every important category of life. From those early sparks I now have a fully fledged, detailed, step by step vision and process to create an abundant life for myself and an opportunity to give enormous benefit back to society and the world.

Now, as a Certified Lifebook Leader, I have the opportunity to share that unique experience with you, and together we can achieve our tribe of 10,000 dedicated life achievers, making a difference in our own lives and changing the world.


What People Say


I haven't finished my Life book yet, but will eventually... I'm doing every day strategy and vision for that day for categories I've finished.. And I must say it is awsome.. just by writing every day, thinking conscious about categories of life, my plan and what I want to achieve is impacting my life deeply.. Because I train my mind to think about my life every day.. Not just living by default.. So, thank you for Life Book <3


I went through lifebook in 2019. I scored decently in my assessment but I knew I had a long way to go to reach the life I truly wanted. My finances were in poor shape and I owed around 56k in debt. I was an average employee. Everything in my life was more or less average and uninspiring. So I set big goals and went for it. ... Read More

All of this would have never been possible without lifebook and mastery. So grateful to have found this when I did. I am now 31 years young and looking forward to living the lifebook lifestyle for the rest of my life ❤

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“Do not let your fire go out. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserve and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. It is YOURS.”

- Ayn Rand