Are you: a Neglected CoDependent » In a Midlife Crisis » a Soul Seeker?
Do You Feel Stuck, Adrift, Lost, in Love or Life?

Sometimes, the people closest to us can't understand the struggle we are experiencing.

Our Life has Meaning and Purpose, and once uncovered will lift us above the forest to discover our true potential.

How would you Describe Your Life?

Is it hard work, heavy, and the future looks bleak? Have you paid your dues but still waiting for the goods to arrive? Are your relationships frustrating, your decisions difficult, no-one understands you? If you feel like any of these describe your life, or you have a more personal situation, know that we are only a conversation away from discovering the opportunities hidden within our human condition.


It's time to step back into a rewarding, abundant life. Take that step!

ANXIETY means You Care

A Life Ninja takes the emotion and energy that is showing itself as anxiety and models it into a plan for growth and progress.

FEELING LOST means You are Seeking

A Life Ninja isn't ready to submit to depression or fall into languid immobility. They know that taking micro actions and seeking guidance are key.

DISSATISFACTION shows Spiritual Growth

A Life Ninja discovers that feeling of dissatisfaction with life is our inner power nudging us to remember our true self and explore our life purpose.

FEELING STUCK shows Ambition

A Life Ninja learns to look within and listen to their motivating life purpose, knowing it will manifest a way toward life abundance.

DIFFICULTY creates Opportunity

A Life Ninja knows that in every adversity there lies the seed of equal or greater benefit and faces each difficulty with curiosity.

CO-DEPENDENCY is a Super-Power

A Life Ninja knows that gaining awareness in the meaning of life and their life purpose brings clarity and completion to anxious attachments.

" There is a life of secret desires and hidden capabilities buried within each of us that deserves to be set free! "

Hi, I'm Dave Harper your Life Assistant, and together we can overcome the emptiness, the confusion, the codependent or narcissistic traits that have for too long found a home in us.

We give our best, day in and day out, but are not getting anywhere in life, in love, in living happily. I've tried everything, but somehow it's not working for me. We're on a desert island while the party is on the yacht in the bay - and they can't see us waving!

We're ready to uncover the belief systems that are causing blockages to our personal success and happiness. I'm ready for the next phase of my life. We will work to expand our awareness of what is holding us back. Using a unique and exceptional blended toolset we will discover our Life Purpose and the Meaning Of Life through in-depth exploration of our individuality.

Others may call this our Soul Purpose or Soul Consciousness, but I know this to be my own Life Ninja!

Here's A Free Discovery Welcome Session


The life you want to lead is there waiting for you. Taking the first steps on your new LifePath™ is daunting, that's why our first contact is free.

Book an online introductory discovery session now and see how much more life has to give. This is not a veiled sales call - let's both see if we are a right match for one another, and if not I may be able to give you some alternatives to achieve the life you are meant to live.

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Still Unsure?


* booking page at Calendly

When You’re Ready…

I help you discover your Life Purpose and the Meaning of Life.

I Help You…

Ground your life within the greater awareness of existence.

I Help You…

Stretch your understanding of life and existence.

I Help You…

Connect with a more pure understanding of your true holistic and higher self.

I Help Your Empowerment…

to achieve meaningful progress towards your life goals.

I Help You…

Step outside of the restrictive boxes of social conditioning.


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Yes, years. I know, I took the long way!

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Some Common Questions

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