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It's Your Life - Live It Your way

Hi, I'm Dave Harper, and I can be your Beliefs Negotiator if you're ready.

I work with everyday people who have the desire to uncover belief systems that are causing blockages to personal success and happiness. I work with you to expand your awareness of what is holding you back. Using a unique and exceptional blended toolset we will discover your Life Purpose and the Meaning Of Life through in-depth exploration of your individuality.

" There is a life of secret desires and hidden capabilities buried within each of us that deserves to be set free! "

With knowledge of your true LifePath™ and understanding how this fits into the Meaning Of Life, you will confidently enhance your abilities and remove energy blocks that subconsciously create uncertainty, anxiety and imposter syndrome.

IS IT ridiculous for you to think you are here on this page, reading this now because your soul is guiding you to your next stage of evolution?

Recover your true power and become a LifePath™ Ninja!


Full-Stack Discovery of your best life ✔

At NewLife Ninja I provide a unique toolset covering the full-stack* of holistic self-awareness from physical capabilities to expanded consciousness and the Meaning of Life.

*A full-stack system in computer-speak is a provider that covers every aspect of system design. 


NewLife Ninja

A NewLife Ninja is anyone that seriously wants to know Why?


Becoming a NewLife Ninja affirms you are dedicated to mastering proficiency in all 6 chakra levels of NewLife full-stack holistic consciousness training.


IFS Mindfulness

Blending Internal Family System and Mindfulness modalities to discover and overcome long-term life trauma.



Here we use organic release methods of NeuroDynamic Breathwork to uncover and release energetic blockages from our body and mind.



It's time to get emotional and explore negative thoughts, build resilience and emotional intelligence.




Understanding our Life Purpose and Life Story helps us set wise targets for a better tomorrow.


Lifebook Premium

It's time to discover the 12 segments of your life and build a truly inspirational life plan.



Collabualism is the foundation upon which all other full-stack modalities are built.

1-to-1 Coaching Sessions

With the exception of Lifebook Premium, all chakra levels of NewLife Ninja full-stack holistic consciousness training can be booked as individual sessions.


For new explorers to self-awareness it is recommended that you start at chakra 1 (Collabualism) and progress to chakra 7 (NewLife Ninja), but we can arrange to start at any level that fits your current requirements.


Don't forget your FREE welcome session so we can properly discuss your needs.


All individual coaching sessions are priced at just £42 with discounts for multi-session bookings.


About Me


I'm Dave Harper, Meaning Of Life Coach, Certified Lifebook Leader, Beliefs Negotiator and Empowerment Coach.

I love to see the transformation that comes about when I help someone find their inner power. To overcome self-doubt, to cure procrastination, to enhance someone's self-esteem, and to see their inner Ninja come to life is an exhilarating experience, for me and my clients.

This is Why

Going Ninja is a Great Choice...

Quality Services

I offer personalised services that lead you compassionately through the challenges of life empowerment. We are the ONLY provider of Meaning Of Life Coaching and your personalised LifePath™ Coach.

Certified Expert

I have over 30 years of LifePath™ empowerment experience dealing with the search for the Meaning of Life. I am a Certificated Life Coach, Grief & Bereavement Counsellor, and qualified ILM Business Manager. My corporate career has spanned decades providing individual support, management, and training to many happy clients.

Affordable Pricing

Life is a non-profit organisation.

I believe it is our duty to help one another through this LifePath™ and financial resources should not be a barrier to achieving a better life experience.

Here's A Free Coaching Introduction


The life you want to lead is there waiting for you. Taking the first steps on your new LifePath™ is daunting, that's why I've taken the financial worry out of our first meeting.

Book an online introductory good-fit session now and see how much more life has to give.

Keep following your path and you too can be a LifePath™ Ninja!

* booking page at Calendly

Join The TRIBE

Come and join other New Life Ninjas in our Meaning Of Life Tribe, where our community gathers to explore existence and break down personal limiting beliefs together.

It's THE place for discussing the Meaning Of Life, sharing videos, deepening insight on business and personal matters.

All members clicking below will gain immediate access to the Meaning Of Life Roadmap - your guide to the three levels of Consciousness.

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