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Hi, I'm Dave Harper, and I work with extraordinary people who have a serious desire to expand their consciousness. As a client you gain the Meaning Of Life and uncover clarity about your Life Purpose through in-depth exploration of physical and non-physical reality.

You have skills, you have expertise, but WHY do you do what you do? Could you do it better if you knew the meaning of ‘it all’, where the energy comes from, why life’s problems exist, and whether what you’re doing is right?

With knowledge of the Meaning Of Life and your true LifePath™ you will solidify your confidence, enhance your abilities, remove energy blocks of uncertainty, anxiety and imposter syndrome. Use this unfiltered energy of your being to enhance your life and your business, exposing your clients to the unfiltered energy of your being.

Take back your power and become a LifePath™ Ninja!


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Meaning & Purpose


Meaning Of Life
Total Mastery Programme

For anyone that seriously wants to know Why?

With the Meaning Of Life total mastery programme you will gain mastery over your life, business clarity, discover your true LifePath™ and solidify your confidence, enhance your abilities, remove uncertainty, anxiety and imposter syndrome, leaving you exposed to the unfiltered energy of your being.

For seriously progressive humans only!


LifePath Ninja
Lifestyle Design

We were not born to serve, we were born to explore and experience a world of wonder.

Become a LifePath™ Ninja, discover your Life Purpose and begin your LifePath™ journey. Gain an exceptional life of clarity, purpose and empowerment.

Develop your 12 category lifestyle to enhance your life vision, overcome limiting beliefs, and empower your self to action and abundance.


Counselling & Coaching

Grief & Bereavement isn’t just about death. Although we associate mourning to the death of someone, grief can occur after other forms of ‘loss’ such as the ending of a relationship, a child leaving home, or even the separation of attachment to unhealthy Meaning's in life. Deep emotions can surface, and sometimes we need individual support.

An ad-hoc coaching session is perfect for any issues you are experiencing right now.


About Me


I'm Dave Harper, Meaning Of Life Coach and Tribe Leader for New Life Ninjas - the Meaning Of Life Exposed for Business & Personal Growth.

I love to see the transformation that comes about when I help someone find their inner power. To overcome self doubt, to cure procrastination, to enhance someones self-esteem, and to see their inner Ninja come to life is an exhilarating experience, for me and my clients.

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Quality Services

I offer personalised services that lead you compassionately through the challenges of life empowerment. We are the ONLY provider of Meaning Of Life Coaching and your personalised LifePath™ Coach.

Certified Experts

I have over 30 years of LifePath™ empowerment experience dealing with the search for the Meaning of Life. I am a qualified ILM Business Manager, Certificated Life Coach, Grief & Bereavement Counsellor (and Dog Trainer!). My corporate career has spanned decades providing computer support, management, and training.

Affordable Pricing

Life is a non-profit organisation.

I believe it is our duty to help one another through this LifePath™ and financial resources should not be a barrier to achieving a better life experience.

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The life you or your clients want to lead is there waiting for you. Taking the first steps on your new LifePath™ is daunting, that's why I've taken the financial worry out of our first meeting.

Book an online introductory good-fit session now and see how much more life has to give.

Keep following your path and you too can be a LifePath™ Ninja!

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Come and join other New Life Ninjas in our Meaning Of Life Tribe, where our community gathers to explore existence and break down personal limiting beliefs together.

It's THE place for discussing the Meaning Of Life, sharing videos, deepening insight on business and personal matters.

All members clicking below will gain immediate access to the Meaning Of Life Roadmap - your guide to the three levels of Consciousness.

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