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First-Time Breathing Requirements

Your safety and comfort are our foremost consideration, and to ensure you have the greatest breathing experience and stay safe throughout the process it is necessary to ensure that you are prepared before attending your breathwork session.

  • Required Reading

    To prepare for your first Ninja Breathwork experience it is required that you read this pdf document titled 'Preparatory Information For First Time Breathers'.

  • Computer Setup

    A hard-wired internet connection is ideal, but a solid Wi-Fi reception will also work. Mobile phones without wi-fi offer the worst experience due to connectivity and sound drop-out problems.

  • Audio Setup

    Sound is a significant part of your Ninja Breathwork experience. The more you can do to ensure great sound quality the better.

    In order of quality, it is ideal to use wired headphones. Failing that, bluetooth headphones have been acceptable. After that, a good set of computer speakers works well (although the volume will be high, so make other people aware of this in advance.) Ear buds are generally unacceptable.

    Another consideration for audio quality is whether you use your computer or your phone/tablet. The Zoom software will give stereo sound on your computer but only mono sound on a mobile device.

  • Environment Preparation

    You will need to set up the space in which you will hold your breathing experience. You can perform the breathing either sitting in a comfortable chair or lying down. You will need your computer, tablet, or phone within arm's reach.

    Your Ninja Breathwork is an internal experience so you will need a blindfold, eye mask, dark glasses or keep your eyes closed throughout.

    Place a Do Not Disturb sign on your door if you are in a space with other people. Also, make them aware that you may be making sounds or calling out during the experience and not to worry, it is part of the process and they should not disturb you.

  • Body Preparation

    It is ideal to hold your breathwork experience when your stomach is not too full. It is suggested that you not eat anything within 60 minutes of your session if possible, or just take a light snack in advance.

  • Medical Safety

    There are a number of medical considerations that may make it unsuitable for you to participate in a Ninja Breathwork experience.

    ALL first time breathers are required to complete this Contraindications Form - please do so now. You must use the same email address that you used to register for your breathwork experience.

  • Confidentiality

    Confidentiality is important in these breathwork sessions so that all participants feel safe to share their experiences and be fully self-expressed during their breathing experience. ALL participants must agree not to discuss any other participant's experience or anything that another person shares.

    There is no audio, video, text, or image recording permitted for any portion of the breathwork exprience.